The IDS Advantage

Experience Advantage
With over 200,000 aircraft safely and efficiently de-iced, IDS' depth of experience is unmatched in the industry. The Company operates the largest fleet of Forced-Air trucks in the world, and has earned the company a leadership role that is respected throughout the industry.

IDS has rewritten the book on providing aircraft operators de-icing solutions with a predictable financial model that is as reliable as the crews applying its de-icing methodology. The Company’s track record of better throughput (faster deicing) in a more environmentally-friendly manner has distinguished IDS as today's leading de-icing company.

Competitive Advantage
IDS provides a flat-rate pricing structure to its customers. Competitors charge by the gallon, providing no incentive to help customers reduce costs or to help them budget forecast with certainty. IDS methods are more closely aligned with customers’ goals of reduce expenses and minimize glycol use.

Over time, other de-icing companies will likely begin considering changing to a model that will try to mimics IDS. However, there are substantial barriers to entry: a huge investment in trucks, large-scale re-training efforts, and conversion to a Forced-Air program.

IDS’ multiple large-scale, major hub operations are bigger than any airline that operates its own de-icing services. This gives prospective customers the confidence to select a company that knows how to safely control aircraft flow during periods of inclement weather. Experience counts.

Team Advantage
IDS employs over 800 in-season non-union professionals. All employees must pass rigorous training regimens that have become known as the "IDS way". IDS management and staff are dedicated to melding as a cohesive unit that views going the "extra mile" as routine. The Company’s mission, values, and purpose are clearly defined and understood by everyone who wears an IDS badge.

Brand Advantage
From its signature yellow trucks to its published operating standards, IDS has built a very powerful brand. Our reputation for trust, safety, efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility has provided us with a strategic awareness built on value. We have aligned our brand promise with the priorities of the marketplace.

The IDS Way is an operating philosophy and goal of 100 percent Safety and Efficiency. As a practical strategy, The IDS WAY means that all company professionals dedicate themselves to giving their best efforts in every area of expertise. Going the extra mile is not the exception – it is the RULE because all training, technology and communications are focused on the reliable departure of aircraft and their passengers.