About IDS


IDS is a unique company. The Company’s Mission, Values and Purpose Statement emphasizes our goal of providing the safest, most cost-effective and customer-focused de-icing service in the industry through investment in people, training and cutting-edge technology. 

IDS is a specialized company that delivers a consistent, reliable de-icing service to our airline customers every day. IDS operates the largest fleet of "forced air" trucks in the world, which minimizes the glycol being sprayed. We have chosen to brand our company with "forced air" because it makes sense environmentally and it allows a predictably low cost to our customers due to the minimal usage of glycol. In addition to the advantages of knowing when to use "forced air," IDS continues to re-engineer and develop other advantages that meet our goals to be the safest, low-cost, high-quality de-icing provider. These practices include "blending to temperature", computer based tracking services and developing our own unique de-icing truck/equipment.

The entire company focuses exclusively on de-icing and de-icing-related services. At all IDS locations, we provide our customers with a flat-rate de-icing pricing structure, which is based on aircraft size. We have data on the average number of liters sprayed per aircraft size and are comfortable with quoting our services this way. Unlike traditional pricing methods used by our competitors that charge by the litre/gallon, our customers know and can budget for the de-icing expense, which eliminates surprises. Charging by the litre/gallon creates an opportunity for service providers to "run-up" the actual volume needed for a specific deicing. That method only favors their revenue opportunity for the provider and leaves the customer with a larger expense than perhaps necessary. We prefer a win/win outcome. IDS has a flat rate and uses forced air, when applicable, and is aligned with our customers to minimize the glycol used rather than creating a win/lose relationship with our customers.

This flat-rate pricing structure eliminates the excessive application of de-icing fluid approach of others that charge by the liter/gallon. IDS does not overspray to meet internal goals and revenue. We spray the liters/gallons required with safe, compliant and most efficient environmental methods possible according to the event.