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Every company attempts to differentiate themselves. IDS prefers to communicate our brand in a singular and distinctive manner. We call it THE IDS WAY.

THE IDS WAY - is an operating philosophy and proven process, the goal of which is 100% Safety and Efficiency. As a practical strategy, THE IDS WAY means that all company professionals dedicate themselves to giving their best efforts in every area of expertise.

Going the extra mile is not the exception - it’s the RULE. As a guiding principal, all of our training, technology and methods are focused on the reliable departure of aircraft and their passengers.

IDS awarded a long-term agreement with the Salt Lake City Airline Deicing Services Committee for the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) - - July 2018

IDS De-icing in the 21st Century - - January 2015
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IDS “GETS THE SPIRIT” IN DETROIT - - November 22, 2014

Recently a CBS news affiliate, KDKA, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visited the airport (PIT) to do a story on how deicing is done at PIT. Keeping the airport running safely and on-time during deicing events is IDS’ specialty. Click on Video to Watch

IDS recognizes the entire MSP Operation!  IDS worked with American Airlines in MSP to donate and deliver over 275 Individual toys to one of the local Minneapolis/St. Paul hubs for Toys For Tots, making Christmas more joyous for that many children.  The “IDS Way” is in full swing in MSP!